Why videomarketing for your company?

Yes, video… Regularly posting of videos on your social media channels gives your company in first place online visibility or at least an extra factor in online visibility. Even though it seems lots of companies are more reluctant towards videomarketing, in 2020 video is slowly but certainly becoming an indispensible asset in your online marketing strategy to reach your public. But why exactly? The explanation for that is partly in our brains, they are programmed in such a way that they are easier to influence with video than with solely text. Plus today everybody wants everything to go fast, rather yesterday than now and it also can’t spil too many energy. So if you want your followers or clients to remember you message. Go for video to have a max effect.

From shortform videos, vlogs, animated logo’s to explainers and motion graphics. In second place good and strong video content supports long term relationships with your public. It creates trust and it fosters more involvement with your services or product AND eventually will make your customers trust an online purchase faster. So double score. Let people come to you by providing them with interesting, directed and relevant promotions or info on your social media channels. With the online marketing techniques that entered the market over the years we have the ability to influence the buying behaviour of our customers until they are in the shops. Let’s be honest… Emotion sells!! Still in 2020 BUT in a more relevant way.

Make your brand visible in your video content.

Make sure you public knows from who that funny or cool video is, make sure you are recognized. You can do this by playing with your logo, your brand colors or other assets throughout your video. Thé questions of 2020: Where will my brand appear in my video? How do I make my company recognizable? And how does this all reflect onto my brand?

Data-driven video marketing.

Analyse your data and statistics before you start designing creative content. Making video content or any other content for that matter, based on your statistics will eventually  bring up much more.

Score extra points in Google.

One of the factors Google determines your position in search results on is the time people spent on your website. The more time visitors spent on your website, the more Google will trust the quality of your website. If you approach this in a smart way you can use videomarketing to drastically expand the time potential clients spent on your website. Provide your website with good and strong videos because good videos get watched and sometimes watched multiple times.

Make “How to”-videos.

A complicated production process of heavy, boring matter is quickly and easily explaind on the basis of an animation video. Luckily we can do that nowadays because the time of your customers or followers is valuable. So it’s no surprise that ‘How to’-videos are worldwide most watched.

Dare to pull your brand identity through in your video content.

The same brand but a completely different story in advertising online and offline? Dare to use the same style, characters and images in your online content as in your offline advertising. Tell the same story everywhere, people have a natural need for consistency to be able to built trust.

Animation trends – 2020

1. Short form videos – short, shorter, shortest: It’s no secret anymore that the concentration span of surfers is getting shorter and shorter. So tell as much as you can in as less time as possible. If it’s about promotions or offers,
create short and powerfull video content. And with short, I mean really short. Ultra short videos that tell the story, the message and the brand in just a few seconds. 5? or maybe 3? Seems difficult but if you succeed, you have gold in your hands.

Videos that only take 5 seconds give you endless options when it comes to integratebility in online marketing. You can use them as facebook ads, animated banner ads or YouTube bumper ads. The big advantage with animated advertising: by the time surfers scroll by your ad they subconsciously already picked up everything that’s in the ad. The price, the product and your brand.

2. Stop Motion videos:This was already very populare but will get more popular in 2020. Stop motions are a fun and playful way to for example make a ‘How to’-video. Or if you want to communicate an offer or promotion in a different more creative way.

3. Explainer videos – instructional video series: We shortly talked about it above. A bit longer but certainly not a less important part of  your online marketing strategy, the explainer videos. 1 minute video explains what you do in a 1000 words. Heavy and boring matter can easily be explained by an animated explainer video.

Explainers are integrateable on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, your website,…If you have good explainers you can use them year after year on you channels.

4. Animated logos: One of the fastest growing trends in branding: the shift of static and lifeless design to dynamic and moving logo design. Why? It’s comes of friendly and is easy and fun to look at. This is a new brand asset that is relatively cheap in purchase and is useable on different channels and media. It increases your company it’s visibility and recognition with your audience.

5. Motion graphics: A new, fantastic way for marketing and advertising. Just as with the shortform videos, worldwide motion graphics are used for different purposes in a variety of pormos and offers. The demand increases year after year.


Finally, a good video strategy, is a wide, complete videomix. But not everything works on every moment, on every channel. Important that you keep adjusting your strategy on the basis of your statistics. Once you have a strategy like this, you can create a video brand guide in which you keep all the unique elements summarized.

If you want more info on this, don’t hesitate to contact me: marlies@unidex.be