The booklet ‘Even tussendoor…’ is a side project in which Unidex participated. Just before the summer of 2018 Mattijs Degrande came up with the idea to write a short story book. Short stories with a comical undertone to escape from reality. Mattijs wanted to have illustrations in the booklet and I took that into account together with the design.

With the illustrations I have tried to translate the short stories into an image in a fun way and in this way given an extra touch to the book. The booklet is made for the benefit of Stop Darmkanker. Mattijs has chosen Stop Darmkanker because his father has to compete with colon cancer. The theme of cancer is very important to me, which is why I participated with great enthusiasm in the project. Shortly before the summer of 2017 my good friend Atalia died after 9 months of fighting leukemia. After her death I had a very strong feeling that I wanted to do something and this seemed like an excellent project.

The booklet contains 20 short stories and 10 illustrations, 56 pages .: You can order via or