Why an animated logo is important for your company ?

It is one of 2020’s trends in marketing. A dynamic and lively logo. Not that as a company you have to give in to every new marketing trend there is…Absolutely not. Though this is one that’s worth thinking about regarding the relatively low cost and wide employability of this innovative and attractive brand asset.

These days innovation, if we are very honest, is highly necessary if you don’t want to see your company drown in the mass of logo’s you see passing online and on TV. The incredibly high amount of info that daily enters our brain unconsiencely doesn’t give static logo’s a lot of space to grab attention no more.

Still your logo plays a crucial role in determining the overall value of your brand. Only choosing the right type of color can significantly increase the recognition of your logo. If a company does effective branding, people recognize your logo with one look. With a good logo animation you can bring a new look to your brand from a different corner.

Thé advantages:

1. More visibility so more recognition.

With an animated logo you’ll reach your public in a creative and playful way. It will bring your logo …so also your comany to live online. Next to creative and playful it is also attractive to look at. Much more attractive than a standard static logo. People like to keep looking at it a longer time so it directly takes care for a higher visibility so indirectly also for a better recognition, shortterm and longterm. Moreover with animating your logo you let your public know you take care of the face of your company.


2. Room in creativity, so space in branding.

With logo animation you have a little more room to be creative in branding depending on social situations. You can easily apply or replace elements and create a limited edition of your logo. Sure you can also do that with a static logo but certainly not as good as with an animated one.

3. Tell your story, short and powerful.

With this new brand asset you get the chance to approach your public from a different perspective. People relate to a brand when a brand has a strong story to tell. If you combine an animated logo with a strong story, it can work wonders for your company. If you couldn’t completely tell what you wanted with your static logo than with an animated logo you get the chance to do exactly that. Tell your story in 5 seconds. 1 image tells a 1000 words but a 5 second animated logo tells at least 10.000 words so let yourself go. BUT keep it simple, less is always more!

4. Go for effective brand awareness.

The wide employability of an animated logo makes it a very useful asset in the way to effective brand awareness. You can basically use an animated logo everywhere, except on your print materials of course. You can use it on your website and ALL your social media channels. Sadly Facebook doesn’t have the option to set up GIF- or MP4-files as profile picture, on LinkedIn you used to be able to add your animated logo to your company page. Since 2019 more people have found errors in uploading GIF’s to Linkedin.

An animated logo looks good as an intro of a video but also as an outro of a company video. It can soften the beginnings and/or ends of your video.

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